Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Today's accomplishments

Well, Isabella is sick today. I got up (late) and she was crying with her stomach. After weighing my options- really there were no options since no one could keep her today- I took off work. I will not be posting the kids' finished castle pictures today. I also will not be posting our 3 goats mural since it will not be done today. I will try to "make-up for lost time" tomorrow. I have managed to create a record and read book to go with our egg unit in March/April. I think the kids will enjoy creating and using it in small groups. It will go with the eggs we hatch. I can't wait to see if I like it when the time comes!! I also FINALLY decided on a name and wrote the synopsis for the sessions I will be presenting at our school's conference this summer. I am NEVER at a loss for words but this about got me. Thank you Susan Maddox for helping your crazy friend!!!!! Now I have to start getting stuff ready for it. I think it will be fun if I can get over my nervousness. I am not very good in front of adults. I can do anything with children but about have a panic attack at parent orientation! Why did I agree to this??? I want it to be fun and interactive so I am having to put a lot of thought into how best to organize it. Any thoughts?? Well, since I am home I best get to cleaning. I have very few days like this so I need to take advantage.

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