Monday, January 30, 2012

Once upon a time and sooooo much more!!!

We started learning about fairy tales today. Of course, we also added some Valentines and groundhogs for good measure too. I can already tell that the next couple of weeks are going to be BUSY. We began our fairy tales unit with The Three Billy Goats Gruff. I love that story. We discussed the characters, setting, theme, problems, and solutions. We learned that fairy tales tend to follow the same outline. We meet the characters- most of the time they are animals, queens, kings, etc, then find out what the problem is, followed by a solution. I begin with this story because of all the shadows present in the illustrations in my book. (You know, groundhogs and shadows). We are also learning about shadows this week so we will learn this story and then make shadow puppets. I create a "stage" area and the kids perform the play for our class and a couple of other classes in our school. Did I mention that I video it and we watch it over, and over, and over, and ok, you get the point. It is really popular with the kids!!! Back to the fairy tales. I made a castle and fact activity for the kiddos. It was a hit. In fact, I was informed by them that I am a superstar and a super hero. I know, I know, it is hard being that popular with k-kids. (This is one of the reasons I get out of the bed every morning-they are sooooo nice.) I will post some pics of mine and tomorrow I will add theirs. We have to finish our facts in the morning before we can add our walkway-fact page- to our castles. I did this with them. They did so good. Did I mention that this was not on my plans for today but they saw it and begged to do it 

This was our math lesson. On Monday I introduce a skill or activity. Tuesday-Friday we do math stations. Today, I killed 2 birds with 1 stone. We learned how to make symmetrical hearts. Do you remember doing that as a kid? It is definitely a life-long skill!!!! They worked very hard on their hearts. 

 Notice the tent in the background? That is our science center. This week I "borrowed" this tent from my youngest child so that the kiddos can get inside and use the flashlight to explore shadows. I also made a recording sheet to go with it. They were jumping with joy so I guess it is a good center.
 More hearts...

 Different angle of science center. I had to turn it so everything would fit.

 I was bad this weekend. I went to Hobby Lobby unsupervised!!!! That never ends well for my husband. Here are some of my new goodies for our room.
 These are pics of the kids working on their facts.

 I do not make them sit down unless they want to. It is not worth the fight trying to keep them in their seats. Some stand, some sit in the floor, and some sit in their seats. I don't care so long as they are doing their work and not bothering others.
 My castles.
 The rolled up gray at the bottom contains our facts. I love the way the turned out.
 This is the stamp I bought at Hobby Lobby. Each child got a stamp for working hard today. They thought it was great. I guess it's the little things that matter!!

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