Sunday, January 15, 2012

WInter Fun

Well, we have done so many fun activities that I do not know where to begin. We have been learning about winter since coming back from Christmas break. There are so many experiments and activities that can be done with winter. The first thing we did was a KWL chart. We talked about what we knew about winter. Then we thought about things we would like to learn. We are filling out the chart as we go. So far, we have learned about snow, how to stay warm, matter-solid, liquids, gases- the water cycle, and polar animals. We have watched steam, "tried" to freeze water, made fake snow, ice skated around the room, made snowmen using shaving cream and glue, melted ice, played with balloons to make static, and did different "polar" experiments. We have been very, very busy!!!!

marshmallow math

                                                                Snow much fun!!!

                                                Graphs, winter words, and playground fun

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