Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Day on the Farm at BSLK!

Farm Day is my most favorite day of the year. I can't believe it's over. It is a lot of hard work but worth every minute of it. Since Mrs. Estes moved to 3rd grade, I am now over it. Talk about stressful!! This year Mrs. Cavannah, Mrs. Maddox, and Mrs. Ables helped so much. I couldn't have done it without them!!! We were also very blessed and 4 of the high school FFA guys came and helped out. They were awesome and I pray they get to come again next year. Now, back to how awesome farm day is. The kids get to go to farm life where they work on farm chores such as shearing the sheep, feeding the pigs, gathering eggs, building/mending fences, painting barns, planting, fishing, etc. This is usually a favorite. We also visited Mrs. Wishy Washy, Old McDonald, Mrs. Cavannah and her beautiful horse, Flash, built a cow out of one of our friends, did a couple of relays, planted flowers and beanie babies, and visited some baby farm animals. Let's just say that they could barely hold their eyes open by the end of the day! I have posted lots of pics or our awesome day!

This is a picture of our build-a-cow game. We used it while learning about the different parts of a cow. Then we completed a Venn Diagram showing how we are similar and different from cows. Below these pics are pics of Taylor's new piglet. I am so in love with that little thing!!!

Farm Day, here we come!

This was our sign-in table by the office.
Outside of the library
Farm Life
shearing sheep

gathering eggs
He is riding a cow instead of milking it!
riding a horse
painting the barn
building the fence

about to load hay

2 of the FFA guys that were awesome!!! We couldn't have made it without them!!

feeding the pigs

Mrs. Cavannah's beautiful Arabian horse, Flash.

our wonderful media specialist, Mrs. Wishy Washy!!

Mrs. Cervantes helped each child make a chick to take home.

Mrs.Bynum was a great help at the Build-a-Cow station.

Our finished cow.
Our cow and dressers
From farm to table relay
The other 2 awesome FFA guys!!

PE- Coach set up another great relay.

A beautiful rooster. Thanks Mr. Springfield!!
Practicing holding chicks since our 19  should be born early next week. Our local Alabama Young Farmers' Association brings animals for us every year. They are wonderful!

shelling corn
special snack- we sort according to Alabama's top 5 commodities.
Old McDonald

Our finale consisted of Mrs. Cavannah and Flash riding and dressing up. We also presented the Farm Concert and dancing to the Chicken Dance.

The Farm Concert

About 415 or so k kids doing the chicken dance.
We made all the teachers come up and lead it!

Mrs. Cavannah and Flash in authentic Arabian costume. Aren't they absolutely gorgeous!!!!


  1. Yay - enjoyed this entry - don't have time to check in often! Good job!