Monday, April 2, 2012

Learning in Kindergarten is so much Fun!!!

Boy, have we been busy. We have accomplished so much since I last posted on here. Is spring as crazy for you as it is for me? Well, after finishing our transportation unit, we began learning about farms. I started our farm unit with plants and insects. We became bees and pollinated flowers. We learned about the parts of a plant and it's importance. We planted potatoes and lima beans in egg shells. Did I mention that we collected and observed different types of insects? We also got our eggs and started incubating them. It is crazy in here!!!

This is our 1st set of eggs. The incubator messed up so I  had to buy a new one and get more eggs.

 Ok, now this was awesome. Last year we hatched duck eggs along with chicks and guess who ended up with 2?? Yep, you guessed it. I am a sucker. It was so hard having to give them to someone with a pond. We cried our eyes out. Nope, no ducks this year!! We were very lucky though. One of Mrs. A. Brown's kiddos brought her new baby ducks to share with her class and we were invited to see them!!!

 For St. Patrick's Day we did potato explorations. A friend of mine found this cute activity online. I will have to find mine so I can give her credit. It was great. They drew it, measured it, weighted it and predicted before actually measuring and weighing. We then left them alone until they produced eyes and then cut them in half and planted them. We hope to have potato plants soon.

 Each child was given a job to do for our pollination activity. Some drew and cut out HUGE flowers...

 Some made stems...

 Some made leaves...

 We all made honey bees.

 We also wrote facts about bees, flowers, and lady bugs. We made lady bugs later in the week.
 Here are my little bees. Aren't they adorable!!!!
 We got  messy. We are sooo good at that! We colored our hands with yellow chalk for pollen.

 Then we pollinated flowers.

 After finishing this activity, we took a field trip to the parking lot to see all the pollen on the cars. In Alabama, that means it is easily seen this time of year!!!

We also listened to a story about a bee.
 Here we are planting potatoes.

 Our almost finished wall. It now has lady bugs also.

 This is our Flat Stanley wall. These are some of the places he has visited. These pics were taken before I finished. If you are reading this blog and would be interested in "hosting" Flat Stanley, please email me. We would LOVE to see where you live and things that go on there. My email address is lhenderson@albertk12.org.

 Our eggs and books about chickens.

 Our friends came to watch us candle the eggs. We saw the air sac and a blood spot. Yay!!!! Today they are 2 weeks and we saw lots of blood vessels and moving chicks. We are on a count down.

 Here we are planting lima beans in egg shells. When they grow, the kids can plant the egg shell with the plant!


  1. Wow, that's a lot of pictures! HOW CUTE are those chickies?! Oh my word I love them!! I'm your newest follower :) I'd love it if you visited me!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

    1. Hi, Teri! Thanks for visiting and following my blog!! I do take tons of pics. My parents love seeing their babies and I have some with parents that live out of state. This helps them feel like they are here. Of course I also just take tons of pics of them. I visited your blog. Thanks for leaving the link! I followed you. I am very excited to see your great ideas too!!!