Friday, March 9, 2012

Transportation Day

I absolutely cannot believe that transportation day has already come and gone!!! School is flying by. Well, my kiddos had a blast today. There were so many great activities as always and the hot air balloon guy-Jeff- came again this year. They love it. We get to sit INSIDE a REAL hot air balloon! In our spare 2 seconds today, we also made our race cars. They were a hit and the kids were excited to realize that this was something they could make at home out of things most of us have. I found this car on pinterest and decided to try it out. It was cheap and easy. 2 great things when dealing with k kids 
and limited time.

I am also posting our green eggs. They were so excited about cooking and then tasting green eggs. All but 1 child liked them.

the beginning...

We like green eggs!!!!

I do not like green eggs!!
Transportation Day: We saw a school bus,
a limo
an ambulance,

Mrs. Ables brought her 3-wheeled bike. She even rode it for us.

jet skis,
marine police boat,

a fire truck,

Ok, I do NOT do heights! Never, under any circumstance. As you can see, Mrs. Ables does so my kids got to watch her go up in the bucket truck. It went over 60 feet I think he said.

She's waving! I would have been on the floor praying and begging to be put on the ground!!
the moving truck
Quick side note. My kids knew this was a ramp or an inclined plane. Yes, they said inclined plane. I was so impressed that they remembered!!!
Mitchell Grocery truck

This was our land transportation play area. They had puzzles, trains, cars, and other items to play with.

gym time

These are pics of us working on our cars during our short break. I was so impressed with him. I told them I would have to put the holes in the bottle caps He figured out how to put the holes in them and put them on the car. Smart boy!

The grand finale- a hot air balloon. Look at their faces.

getting bigger...

and bigger...


heading inside the hot air balloon

inside the hot air balloon

the presentation
Isn't it beautiful!!

Mrs. Maddox trying to rip the fabric from the hot air balloon.

Nope, didn't work.
He ends by reading Curious George and the Hot Air Balloon

We are posing for a pic inside the balloon. I looked really bad with the big sweatshirt and the hair after the windy, cold day!!!

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