Monday, March 5, 2012

Dr. Seuss and a whole lot more

Well, we are still in catch-up mode. Leaving early Friday did not help that either. Here are a few pics
 from last week. We made Thing 1 and Thing 2 hats. 

 Tada!!! The finished products

 We also learned about maps. We marbled rolled the state of Alabama and wrote the words, "I live in Alabama." We also put a sticker to show about where we lived.  We made our homes while talking about the city we live in. Each child stuffed a brown lunch bag and then tore construction paper to show the color of their home. After the house was finished, each child painted a piece of cardboard green and added their home to the grass. They decorated it to look like their yards.

 Oh, yeah, we read Rosie's Walk before doing this activity. We talked about how Rosie walked around her home and the things she saw. I related it back to our neighborhoods and the area we live in. Did I mention all the positional words we discussed and acted out also? Gotta love books!!!
 Notice how she added her driveway??

We did a lot more but for some reason I did not take many pics last week. This week began our Transportation unit. We will be doing a lot of fun activities. I will try to remember to take pics this week!!! I hope everyone has a fabulous day!!

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