Monday, February 27, 2012

Career Day

      It has been a little while since I last posted. It has been a stressful and LONG week and a half! My grandmother was hospitalized, a procedure went wrong, and she died. Then after all of that, I got sick. Now, I am trying to get stuff updated and back to normal. So, career day was Friday before last and I am finally getting the pics on here. Sorry for the delay.
      The kiddos had a blast. The all want to be firemen, policemen, etc. This year we got to see a police dog in action. It was AWESOME!!! The kids were mesmerized. Of course, so was I.  I did a lot of individual pics but also did some group pics in front of the police car and the mail truck. It was a really fun day.

 Making homemade stethoscopes with the nurse...

 Police car...

 Talk about being a great helper. He stopped and tied her shoe. I thought that was the sweetest thing ever!!
 The awesome police dog and his handler along with the "bad guy"- the boss.

 With Joe McEachern photography. They rock!!!

 In front of the mail truck

 Coming out of the ambulance

We began our energy, force, and motion unit last week. This was one activity we did with ramps and rolling. My sweet friend, Suzan Estes, shared her amazing unit with me.  We read the book about Inclined Planes (pic is below) and we talked about all different kinds of inclined planes. These are pics of the kids experimenting with different shapes to see if they roll. They dipped each in paint and let them roll, etc, down a ramp they created using their white boards and baskets.

 These are great fact books that our library has. Ms. Milwood rocks when it comes to having great books!!

 Ok, remember the beanstalks we planted a couple of weeks ago? I came back Friday and this is what I found. Oh, my. We definitely have some beanstalks!!


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