Monday, February 6, 2012

Glitter, birds, and beanstalks!!!

      We started the week off with a bang! Our fairy tale right now is Jack and the Beanstalk. We planted beanstalks in the science center and completed some recording sheets I made to go along with it. My little princesses made wands in the art center and my princes made shields. What good is a shield or a wand if it doesn't have glitter?!?!?! I turned them loose with glitter. We all are sparkly now. The room is also VERY sparkly. We also made cute retelling props in our story telling center to go along with Jack and the Beanstalk. My friend Mandy came up with them several many years ago and I loved them. They were a hit today.

       I bought some bird feeders, bird feed, and hummingbird nectar this weekend and we hung them in the windows today. We are so excited about watching the birds. I do not know why I have never thought to do this before. I am thrilled that I found a new blog- well, new to me anyway. She has some great science ideas and I "borrowed" them to use in our room. Check it out: http://kpoindexter.wordpress.com/ . My kiddos are anxiously awaiting the arrival of birds. Maybe I can post some pics of our new friends once they arrive!!!
      One last note, my sweet husband came and cleaned out Squirt's tank over the weekend. He also put in a new filter. Squirt is LOVING life. Did I mention that it sounds like a fountain and I am fighting sleep right now? The kids are mesmerized!

Doesn't he look soooo happy!!!!

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