Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Rainy Days= Work, Work, Work!!

It's amazing when you are out 1 day and you feel like you have missed 3. I knew today was going to be busy and was trying to figure out when I would get everything accomplished but the Lord sen us rain again today and that allowed me 30 extra minutes to work. Yay!!! We skipped math stations today and made our Rainy Day Glyphs I came up with last week while watching the constant downpour of rain. They turned out really cute. The kids liked it because they got to use more scrapbook paper. We also got our characters painted from the 3 Billy Goats Gruff. We also got our water cycle hung up. Yes, I know. We did that last week but I JUST NOW got that taken care of!! The first pictures below are of small groups. I made a Shadows book for the kids to write the words then read sentence. The last page simply asks them to predict if the groundhog will see his shadow. If they said yes, they had to draw the sun and a shadow. If the answer was no, they draw clouds. They LOVED this activity. I also made them use their VERY best handwriting. Each time they did, they got a crown stamp on that page. Here's a little funny for you. We were looking at the shadow of a house and I expected them to spell it "has" like most of them do while sounding out. Instead, one of my boys said, "I know how to spell house. H-O-U-S-E." I was thrilled so all of my kids spelled house correctly.

 Another cute episode in our crazy but fun room. They were cheering letters and sounds with the megaphone. They were hilarious.

 Science fun with shadows!
 Making our Rainy Day Glyphs...

 Some of their castles...

 Working on our goats, troll, and bridge...

 An idea I had after we got new crayons. We used them to hold our "colorful" books we made. They wrote about colors and were beyond excited that got to put them inside their crayon boxes!!!

 Our water cycle mural pieces. I love how it turned out. Tomorrow, I think I am going to have them label each piece and maybe write some facts to hang around it.

 I hung our glyphs and castles in the hallway.

 WOW!!! I came in and we had hit the jackpot. Thanks, Mrs. Howell (Georgia's grandmother and my sweet friend) for sending all these cool things for our class store. They can't wait to get their hands on this stuff!!!!

Well, I hope you like our pictures. The kiddos have worked really hard. Now, I best get to church!!!

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