Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Rainbow Day = Kindergarten Science!

Rainbow Day was so much fun! I decorated the room with some help from a fellow teacher's kiddos. They like to come visit me in the afternoon and love helping. Anyway, between the three of us we made our door a rainbow using streamers, each chair a rainbow, and added confetti to each table. It was awesome and by the end of the day, a complete and total disaster. My children (personal) and I also made rainbow cupcakes for me (and them) to take to school. We incorporate a lot of science into our color learning. Well, considering all the mixing that has to be done to create all but three of the colors, it is only natural to let them experiment with color mixing. That is usually one of their favorite things to do. I begin color mixing with green. I present the problem of having no more green paint. The entire school is out of green paint!! What do we do? This is when I introduce our Scientific Method chart. I have made it very kid friendly. I really focus on the thought process more than anything and try to get them in the habit of wanting to get their thoughts on paper. I have attached pics of the chart I made. This group did really well coming up with ideas for making green paint. We also figured out a lot more than green in this experiment. Another activity we did was using rainbow peepholes and prisms. I wrote a poem to go along with the mirror, water, and sun activity that allows them to "make" a prism at home.We practiced it a few times and it helped them remember what they needed to do that activity at home. This is one of our science center activities this week. The prisms were a big hit. In fact, they wanted to take them outside during play time and use them!

Our room for rainbow day

Our science chart. They came up with what they thought science was before we read our book and afterwards.
Color mixing with oil and water.
Using peepholes

The recording page I made to go along with the peepholes and prisms.
Color mxing using water and color tablets.

Practicing whole group so we would be ready to use it during center time.


Our rainbow wand.
Store time! Each child earns money for good behavior that can be spent in our class store.

Rainbow cupcakes I made.
Scientific Method chart.

Name Cheers

Center time

Fun with Prisms

More name cheers

A T-Rex was 18 feet tall... Wow they are so smart. They wanted to know how tall 18 feet was. It took a lot of talking but they came up with the idea to measure. We looked at a yard stick and figured out how much a foot was. We also realized that one of the squares on our floor was one foot long. The kids measured and counted and noticed that our dots we line up on are on a square. They used those to count 18 feet. They also said that if everyone was at school we would have had enough kids to show 18 feet. As it was, one child got the yard stick and put in across 3 squares and we added a sticky note to the last square. We compared the size of T-Rex to me- not much of a comparison! We know for a fact that we would never have wanted to meet a T-Rex!!!!

This is our line to show 18 feet.

Our chart showing our problem/question and what should be done to solve it.

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