Monday, October 1, 2012

Kindergarten Fun with Literacy, Math, and Science

We have been super busy. I am sorry I haven't had time to update the blog. Between school and all of my children's extracurricular activities, there is very little time left to do much of anything! I have added pics of some of the things we have made. They have already come so far! We are working on letters, sounds, sight words, color words, number words, numbers through 10, sorting, patterning, initial sounds, segmenting words, rhyming with nursery rhymes, working on sets of objects, writing, and the list could continue for quiet some time! I am so amazed with each and every one of these children. They are teaching me as much as I am teaching them!

This is a work job we do. We have numbers 0-20. The kids add clothespins to show that amount. This is an excellent way to work on number recognition, counting, and fine motor skills all at the same time!!
 Sorting buttons
 Making dinosaurs with square teeth for plant eaters.

 Paper Mache
 Making our chicka chicka coconut tree

 More paper mache
 Coconut Exploration experiment at the science center
 Dramatic Play Center
 Pushpin activity

 Making a "Me" head for A my name is Alice

 Grandparents Day!! :)

 More name cheers...

 Getting ready for our coconut activity
 How do you break open a coconut? According to the kiddos, "drop it from way up high so the "pressure" is more." WOW!!!!! It worked.
 We had to check it out and of course taste it.

 We made a chicka glyph I created after doing all our coconut experiments. We also made a chart to show what we learned and observed.

 ABC Party
They said they used the letter builders to make a purple people eater. Too creative not to snap a quick picture!
 Making chicka chicka shake bottles

 Letters to hang up.
 Reading a story

 We love Ms. Nadell!!!

 Getting ready to pop our balloons and see what is inside while listening to Who Let the Letters Out by: Dr. Jean

 Ok, just a few quick pics of my kiddos. I couldn't resist. About to head into the locker room at Auburn.
 Us, on the field.

 Sorting and counting by eye color

 Wow, we have a TON of brown eyed kids!!
 Working on our eye pie graph

 Our completed Chicka tree. I think it is soooooo cute. I absolutely love how they did the letters. So creative.

 This is an activity I came up with. I wrote a poem and they drew a pic of themselves while looking in the mirror. They turned out really cute.

 Working on the "Me" fact book I made.

 Reading her book she brought from home

 We love math games!!!!

 Quote of the day: "We are not racing to see who can finish first. We are supposed to just do our best work!" I guess they are listening.

 Finished products

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