Thursday, September 6, 2012

Kindergarten Colors, Shapes, and Math

Learning about our colors and shapes has been a lot of fun. I think we have done a little bit of EVERYTHING!! We have also been doing our letter and number introductions and our Friend Book that goes along with the letter introduction. Wow, have we been busy. One day I had several kids ask if they could just nap for a little while so I figured it might be time for a break. I have taken tons of pics as always so I will just put a caption with the pictures so you will know what's going on.

My pictures ended up downloading from end to beginning. Sorry! These are pics of our name cheers. We write, spell, and cheer each child's name as we add it to our Friend Book.

 The next few pics show the children writing in their math notebooks. I love watching them get their ideas on paper. We discuss the concept together and then each child records their thoughts and ideas in their notebook. They were thinking about how to show the #2.

 Color Mixing!!!!!

 Lillie's Purple Plastic Purse. We made the purple paint then used it to make her purse.

 We also listen to the Flying Purple People Eater song. We love that song. I know we listened to it at least a million times on purple day!!!!!! These are our Flying Purple People Eaters I came up with last year to go along with the song.

 We read this book on green day. Well, this is actually one of the MANY books for green day!
 Our wide-mouthed frogs. Thanks Mrs. Ables for sharing!!!
 In art center each child made a torn paper rainbow.
 Go Away Big Green Monster! Didn't they turn out to be so cute. This was another color mixing activity.
 More name cheers.

 Ok, I saw the tens frame idea on pinterest. I love things that actually allow the children to move and interact with it. I put my frame on the floor and then had to decide what I was going to do with it. I "came up" with a game. One child rolled the dice. Another child counted the dots. The last child "showed" that many legos in the frame. We only used the top 5. I will add more later. Afterwards, we practiced using tens frames on paper.

 Using girls and boys to show the amount.
Tracing a triangle. We made it fun and cute by gluing confetti inside of it.

 What was the next mystery shape?
 a triangle!

 Name cheer
Working on our Friend Book
Finger painting blueberries for Blueberries for Sal.
Name Cheer
Mystery shape game. I put a bunch of objects in a bag and they had to close their eyes and pull out something. Each child had to name the shape then add it to the correct paper shape. SO MUCH FUN!!!

After we finished sorting the shapes, we dipped each in paint and did shape imprints on paper. One table had squares, one circles, and one rectangles. This was before we talked about triangles. I loved this. Each child's paper was different.

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  1. Wow! That cool! You've had so much activities. i bet the kids enjoyed them. Thanks for sharing those pictures. They are all so adorable.