Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Brown Bear fun and the Little Red Hen

Wow. Kindergarten is a very busy place!!!! In the 5 half days and now 2 full days, we have learned a lot. We began the year reading Brown Bear and talking about the colors. We also sequenced the story and retold it by making marker dots in the correct order. The children practiced sorting into color families by bringing a toy from home to place on the correct color of our mural. This year I added something new. In the past, I have always let them glue on the characters from the story. This year I had them draw the characters and water paint them. We traced them with a black marker, cut them out and added them to our mural. We also sorted skittles by color. They really enjoyed this activity. Ok, I must admit, I liked it a lot too! 

Sorting our toys by color

 Drawing and water painting our characters

 Sorting skittles by color

 Awwww, I had to share. Sweet friends!
 This is his 1st day of K!
 Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day

We read Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day and discussed how his choices and attitudes affected his day. We made "Alexanders" and decided we would make good choices and work on having good attitudes.

 Our finished mural is hanging in the hallway.

 Here are some pics from outside my classroom. These are their cubbies and where I hang their work.

 This is at my door.
 My door. I am very proud of it!

 For red day, we read The Little Red Hen. This year we made homemade bread so that we could understand how much work went into just making the dough and cooking it. It turned out delicious and the kids got to observe and predict what would happen to the dough. I have to say, I have a really smart group! These are the pictures of us working together to make the dough for our bread.

 We started letter introduction. This is the kids searching for A and a.

 Center time!

 I introduced rectangles on Monday. The children had to figure out our mystery shape by using broken crayons to roll over the poster board. We were amazed that a rectangle appeared on our paper! We finished up the day by making rectangles using craft sticks.Overall, we have had a very productive week.
 We made rectangles using craft sticks.

 I didn't get a pic of our finished bread. It was very yummy.

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