Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Terrific Tuesday...

    Today was a great day. We accomplished a lot. We started the day off with a little Jack Hartmann. I mean, it has to be a great day when you begin with Jack!!!! We are on a countdown until next week when Jack Hartmann comes to visit. If you haven't heard his music then you need to ask your child to sing the Pirate song or the Penguin Dance, or the Chicken song. Actually, I videoed them doing the chicken dance. They are usually a lot better than the video shows but some were "embarrassed" to sing and dance for me today.

     Ok, on to the most important part of our day. I had a student save her money-see the post called New Behavior Plan- and pay me $25 today in order to be the teacher. She chose our song this morning, retold the story Goldilocks and the Three Bears to the kids, did the letters, sounds, sight words, and chose the Nursery Rhyme/finger play this morning. She was also the calendar helper and did all our extra things today. Her first words to me this morning was that she was soooo nervous!!! I did convince her to let me video her teaching. She finally agreed when I told her how much her family would like to see it. I am going to attach that video and a couple of pics also. * It took 3 hours to upload these videos tonight. I will post the last one tomorrow.

 Check out our math stations this week. We are measuring giants with yarn (thanks, Mrs. Scott), rolling dice and adding fingerprint jelly beans to a jar, spinning a fairy tale spinner and recording results (I found it online somewhere. I can't remember where right now.), and matching numbers, sets, and number words. I made the last one with castles, wands, princesses, and crowns. It was a big hit with the girls!!

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