Friday, February 10, 2012

Happily Ever After

This week we have continued learning about different fairy tales. We made a 100 inch beanstalk and wrote about what we might see at the top of it. We also sat in the hallway (where we hung it) and figured out that the wall is shorter than 100 inches. I think their favorite part was measuring ourselves against the beanstalk. We are all shorter than 100 inches. I did learn that I look tall when compared to my k kids!! I can't say that often so I am saying it while I can! All I heard was how tall I am. I have NEVER heard that before. Yes, all in all it was a great day. We also made a brick tower for Rapunzel. Ok, it was actually red butcher paper with white chalk rectangles, but we are still claiming brick. One of the kiddos made Rapunzel's face to put in the tower window. Then, we measured 100 inches of hair. It is not easy to measure 100 inches when the yard stick stops at 36 inches. We figured out that we could just add-on by making a line on the paper and moving the stick up. It took a few minutes but we finally made it to 100. We were very proud. I was most proud that I did a good job estimating the length of the paper so it was at least 100 inches. It was iffy but it was about 103 inches. I was starting to get worried as we neared the end!! I am adding the pictures of these activities. I also (finally) took pictures of their 3 Billy Goats Gruff characters and words. We ran out of room so we had to get creative.

Making the brick tower

Beanstalk lesson on shorter than/taller than

 Can you see all the lines and names? That shows how tall we are in comparison to the beanstalk.
 I am so excited. That is how tall I am!!

 Centers... We had pictures today so centers were more like finish what you didn't do and then free choice.

 Look at my little teachers using the pointers and big books during free choice!

 Our Goldilocks door...

 They are almost flying trying to get away from the troll!

 This says, "the big goat- I am not scared of you!"

 "The goat is scared cuz he saw the troll."
 "The little goat needed to get fat."

Today, we revisited Goldilocks and the 3 Bears. The kids have decided they like being actors and actresses. We performed the story 3 times. I will attach one of the videos. I have found that a lot of my kiddos get shy as soon as the camera starts rolling. I am attaching the video with the "not shy" group. They did an awesome job. By the way, for some reason the video is fuzzy. I'm not sure what I did wrong!! It is definitely not professional grade today!!

 Well, it's Friday and I am soooo tired. I think I am about to finish up here and head home BEFORE 5:00!!! I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!!!


  1. I love your beanstalk idea! How did you make the leaves on it? Also loving your Rapunzel on the door - too cute! I am your newest follower!

    Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

    1. Ok, the leaves were soooo easy. We measured, cut, and then I made them get all around it with their glue and they wadded green tissue paper and glued it all over the beanstalk. I thought it turned out better than when we make leaves for it. As for the door, my good friend (who left me and went to 5th grade!!) always did Rapunzel and put her on the wall. I put her on the door instead. I love it too. Thanks for following.