Monday, January 9, 2012

Gingerbread and Christmas fun

We had so much fun in December! The Gingerbread Man, Gingie, visited us for a while. We read his stories and made sure to lock him up before leaving so he wouldn't escape. It didn't work so well. When we got to school he was gone and our room was a mess!! Thankfully, the kiddos were real troopers and cleaned up his mess. Gingie did leave us a letter telling us that he was traveling the world. He sent us letters, items, and crafts from different parts of the world so we could learn about Christmas. Gingie did decide to visit in time for our Christmas party! We didn't tell him that cookies were on the menu!

We also made our very own Gingerbread man with homemade salt dough. Did I mention that we made a terrible mess on the rug and in our room. Oh well, at least we can clean up.

The kids were TERRIFIED (gingerbread men have been know to run away after being cooked) to cook them so we had to let them air dry- for a WEEK!!! After they finally dried, we painted and decorated them.

We also got to see Santa at school. It was so exciting. I took their pictures with Santa and then went and took more in front of the board by the office and with our Christmas Tree.

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