Friday, January 27, 2012

Going spotty for the 101st day!

Well, today was the 101st day of school. How do you celebrate 101??? We celebrate with 101 Dalmatians. We dressed up in black and white and made puppy headbands. We also watched 101 Dalmatians with Mrs. Maddox's and Mrs. Ables' classes. My sweet husband was off work today and brought the kiddos some chocolate chip cookies (they are spotted you know!!!). They were thrilled. I think the cookies was their favorite part of the day. Can't say I blame them for that. I enjoyed one myself. After eating their cookie, each child finger painted a picture of a dog. They loved it. We paint ALL the time. I guess since they were finger painting the entire picture it seemed different??? 

 Yummy, cookies!

 Making our headbands...

I am changing a few things in our room. I have not done our daily behavior calendars lately. I have created a rubric for each child. My goal is for each child to evaluate his or her behavior each day and "grade" himself. We have done this together this week. This is giving us more time to discuss character traits such as responsibility and honesty. I have been pretty impressed with them so far. I would ask them how they thought they should mark it and most were pretty accurate. In fact, a couple said sad face and it wasn't!! I am very proud of them. Please leave this paper in your child's folder. We will have 1 each week. We are also practicing using tally marks on this. That will be how they mark each area.

Ok, another idea. I think I am going to add a new box on the newsletter. I want the kiddos more involved so I am going to let one child add something to newsletter each week. It may be something they thought was fun, an idea, or anything a 5 year old thinks you should know about. I hope this works as well as it does in my head right now!!!! I may also let the kids start a class newspaper-maybe newspaper is too much, maybe more of a paper. I would like for each child to contribute something. Maybe a picture or a story, or something. This would not be an every week thing. Maybe once or twice a month. I want them to be excited about writing and what better way to get there than to have their own newspaper to share with you.

I know this post is forever long, but I have all these ideas floating around in my head and it helps to write them down. I thought maybe if I share with you, I will get some feedback. Let me know what you think.

Ok, I promise, this is the very last thing. On a more personal note, tonight was my son's FIRST DANCE!!!! I can't believe he is old enough to start this. He had a blast. He was soaking wet when I picked him up. He danced the entire time. He loves to dance but I really thought he would get there and be too embarrassed to do anything. Boy was I wrong. All the teachers were telling me about him and how good of a dancer he was. He had so much fun that he talked about it the rest of the night. He is now wishing they had a spring dance also!!!! Check him out. I think he looked adorable!! 

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