Thursday, January 26, 2012

The 100th Day of School

Well, we have anxiously been awaiting this day for what seems like FOREVER. We have talked about it and watched the calendar and counted up to the big day. I absolutely cannot believe it has now come and gone!!!!!! Where has the time gone? I feel like we just started school. Oh, well. It's not going to slow down either. I took a group picture for the 100th day. We are standing in the hallway before school ended. I know. I waited until the very last minute, but we were so busy I forgot.

We made the CUTEST graph ever. I figured since it practically rains every day now, we would graph if we like rain or do not like rain. I dressed them in a raincoat and umbrella and they either smiled or frowned depending on how they felt about it. It is way too cute. I will put their pictures on here since they turned out so good. I kind of wish I could have taken them outside for the pictures, but I wasn't that brave- or crazy!!! Even after having to stay inside so much, most of the kids said they liked the rain. I was kind of surprised. Since we are still learning about weather, I came up with a water cycle mural for them to work on. I feel like they understand the process as well as any 5 year old can, so we are making this to hang in our room. Today was pretty much just painting. Tomorrow we will finish it up. Did I mention today was cleaning day? Why do I ALWAYS plan messy activities for cleaning day?!?!?!

Here are the mural pictures:

 They are tracing, cutting out raindrops, and painting them.

 This is our finished graph:

 Love the "sad" faces!!
 Don't they have great handwriting!!

 100th day pics!!

 Crazy pic!!

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