Wednesday, January 18, 2012

We got a new student!!!

We got a new student today. We are soooo excited. She is such a doll. The boys are thrilled because now if 2 boys are absent the alligator will finally get to eat the girls!! (This is the greater than/less than sign during calendar)

I never added the pictures of us "ice skating" in our classroom. It was so much fun. I joined them. Mrs. Ables tried it also. I KNOW you were thrilled to get extra wax paper sent home!!!! I have already heard stories.

We have been learning a lot of new and poems. I am going to list our FAVORITE. The kiddos beg to do it daily and now we have Mrs. Ables' car riders (they come to my room in the afternoon and she now takes the bus riders) saying it with us! Of course, they are like me and enjoy teasing so when it's time for the person to fill in the blank, they say "throw snowballs at Mrs. Henderson"!!! It is so funny. They can barely say it without giggling. Well, here it is:

      Listen now, don't you hear,
      Winter is our favorite time of year!
       __________ (child's name) loves to ____________ (winter activity) you see.
      Yes, winter's best.
      We hope you agree!

I found this rhyme either on a website (forever ago) or in a Mailbox magazine.

Below are our ice skating pictures. I hope you enjoy.

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