Sunday, January 29, 2012

New Behavior Plan

I know my last post was FOREVER long. Believe it or not, I didn't get everything in that I wanted. I discussed the money idea at our parent orientation. I have now started it. The kids earn money for great behavior, being a good helper, making good choices, having great hallway manners, being bragged on by other teachers, etc. You get the point. I feel like they deserve something for making good choices. I made dollars for them. Each child has a money purse- change purse from Oriental Trading. They are responsible for keeping up with their money. We have different things they can buy with their money. Each Friday I open our "store". Each child can choose to save or spend their money. We have items that cost $1 or $5. We also have books that are $20 each. After thinking about other things that the kids could save for that would be meaningful, I came up with the following ideas: $25-teacher for the day, $25-free computer time, $50-a cool truck that my son donated to the store. It lights up and makes noise. $50-free choice center during center time. The teacher of the day will lead the class in letters, sounds, sight words, choosing a couple of songs to dance to, and will get to choose our poem/rhyme we recite that day. It's pretty awesome and I already have one child that will be choosing a day this week to  "teach". I have been pretty impressed with the kiddos. They have kept up with their money. Some are only spending $1 each week and saving the rest. Others have not spent a penny!!!! I don't know if I would have been that strong. I am so very proud of them!!!! If you have any new or gently used toys or books, please consider donating them to our store.


  1. I love this idea! I never love any behavior plan I come up with, but this is a great learning tool to use from day 1. My head is spinning with ideas for next year's classroom store!

    1. Anna, I have tried sooooo many things and I never love them either. This is working really well with my kiddos. They are so excited. I also like having things they can save up for that isn't just "stuff" to get lost at home. They are really into saving up for other things. If you come up with some good ideas for it, please share!!!!