Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What is a cloud?

We have been learning about weather and winter this month. This week we are continuing with weather and hibernation. Today we talked about clouds and rain. We have had TONS of rain lately so we are rain experts!!!I am a person that needs to "do" something to understand it. Kids are usually the same way. The activity we did came from a friend of mine that decided to "graduate" from kindergarten and teach 5th grade. I went into her room one day and her kids were doing this and I LOVED it. Thanks, Mrs. Scott!!! It helped them understand clouds and rainfall so much better than just looking at a picture or labeling a paper. I am attaching pictures below. I also wrote a little song that we sing with it. It is to the tune of Frere Jacques.

What is a Cloud?
What is a Cloud?
It's tiny drops of water.
It's tiny drops of water.
When it gets too heavy,
Really big and heavy,
Down comes the rain.
Down comes the rain.

The activity consists of a yellow construction paper sun-mine is very generic!!!, and a hula hoop. The kiddos are tiny drops of water in the ocean. I tell someone to evaporate and that child gets in the hula hoop. Eventually there is no room left and the person trying to get in, tips everyone over and "down comes the rain". It's a really good way to help them understand the concept of a cloud and the water cycle

 Next group....

 Next group...

 we are hibernating....

 A couple of things we have done...

 Can you believe that EVERYONE in our class is right-handed??
 We mixed glue and shaving cream and made a snowman.

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