Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and Dinosaur fun!!!

We had a great time with letter introduction and learning all about dinosaurs!!! I have added lots of pics with captions about what we are doing/learning.

Name cheers:

Rainbow on the ceiling using water, mirror, and sunlight.
Center time!!!!  Write-the-Room
I made cards with our sight words on them for each theme. They enjoy looking for them and it doesn't get boring since they change weekly.

This is a math game we do a good bit at the beginning of the year. I choose 3 children each time. The first child rolls the die. The second counts the dots. The third child adds that number of counters to the 10s frame.

More color mixing for our math and science notebook.

Math Stations I made.

Math and Science notebook time.

Here is my notebook. We do this together with each number and other things we think are important.

More name cheers

We love dinosaurs!!! We learned that T-Rex could be 18 feet tall!!!!! We had to know if he could fit in our classroom with us. We used rulers, yard sticks, our feet, and finally our floor tiles to measure. We learned that 1 floor tile is 1 foot long. We used that to figure out if he could lie down in our room. We figured out that he couldn't stand up in here, but he could lie down.
This is how tall he would be lying down. He would begin at the first chair and go all the way to the end of the line.
This is our tallest friend. He looks so tiny next to T-Rex!!!

Our last name cheer.
More math stations I made...

We love math games! I made these math games in college forever ago. My kids still love them. They are hits every year. They are from Constance Kamii's book, Young Children Reinvent Arithmetic. It is a great book with great games to use so that children not only understand math, but have fun while learning.

Chicka Chicka math stations. Each week I have made new stations to go with the theme. I decided to try something "new". I started math stations at the beginning of the year and each week they are about the same so they can work independently. Of course, I change them a little each week and they are becoming a little more difficult. Now, they are recognizing number words, measuring, counting, matching sets and numbers, etc.

This is a name activity I made that also incorporates math. They had so much fun with this activity.

Looking for friends with more, less, and the same number of letters as our name.

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom coconut exploration.  How does a coconut feel?

How does it sound?
Do we like the taste of coconut milk?

A better question is, how do you get to the coconut milk?!?!? We tried lots of their ideas and finally found a way to get to the milk.
Do we like how fresh coconut tastes?

ABC Party Day: Stations

Chicka Chicka bottles

Decorating letters with pictures that start with that letter.

You can't have a party without balloons!!!!!

Each child had at least 1 balloon. Each balloon had a letter inside.

We sing along to Dr. Jean's, "Who Let the Letters Out" while popping the balloons to get the letters.

What a fun way to end our letter introduction!!!

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