Friday, October 18, 2013

Apples and Bats

This year we had Fall Break. It was a great break and my kids and I had a blast! On the other hand, it cut days from one of my most favorite times of the teaching year. I LOVE teaching during the fall. Bats and spiders are so interesting and kindergarteners typically love them. We combined bats with apples and will continue learning about bats throughout October.
We learned that bats stay warm by huddling. We decided to see if this worked. We learned that those in the middle get really hot!!!!

Another thing we learned is that mama bats can find their baby by sound and smell. We pretended we were bats that all looked the same and had to find our "bat family" by smell. Each child had a cotton ball with a scent. There were 4 different scents. They loved "sniffing" for their family! I love all the smiles!!!!

Bat family 1
Bat family 2
Bat family 3
Bat family 4
An apple page I made to go along with making applesauce.

Yummy! Our classroom smelled delicious all day!

We made homemade apple pies. We even made the crust from scratch!

My little chefs!

The first tray is ready for the oven.
Working on the second tray.

They are ready!!!

We added the cooked apples/applesauce to the top before we ate them.

It was a fun and yummy week in kindergarten!

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