Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Spiders in Kindergarten!!!

How do spiders eat? We used our fangs (water droppers), venom (water) and insects (sugar cubes) to "see" how spiders eat their food. Their venom liquifies the insides of the insect so they can suck them out to eat.

They were amazed when the sugar cube melted! Look at their sweet, excited faces!

Miss Spider's Tea Party... We predicted which tea we would like the best.
We tasted the tea.
Mrs. Parker's class joined us!

Free exploration with magnets

Our spider craft we made to go along with the oil on their feet activity (those pics are below).

The glyphs I made several years ago to go along with Miss Spider's Tea Party. We use these to graph our favorite tea.

Spider Bowling! Each child has 2 turns to try to knock over 6 pins. We subtract the first amount knocked over from 6. We take dots off our 10s frame to show the number left. We do the same after the 2nd turn. The child with the fewest pins standing at the end wins.

 Why do insects get "stuck" in the web but spiders don't? We learned that some spiders have 2 types of silk in their webs. Part of it is wet and sticky and the other part is dry so the spider can walk on it. Another theory is that spiders have a special oil on their feet that allow them to walk across the web without being caught in it. We did an experiment to see how that would work. Each kiddo had a spider hand (spider stamp on it). The other hand was our insect hand. We "walked" across our webs (tape) with our insect hand first. We stuck to it!!! Next, we dipped our spider fingers in oil and walked across the web again. We didn't stick!

 spider hand

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