Thursday, November 14, 2013

Halloween and Red Ribbon Week

We went to the Fine Arts Center to watch "Food Play". The kids were so excited! It was our first time to go there this year. They were amazed at how big and beautiful it is.

Waiting to go inside.


The kiddos were involved in the play. It was great to be able to get up and move some!

We went outside and started working in the garden. I introduced them to the water barrel, the composter, and how to weed!

Red Ribbon Week:
We were so excited that it quit raining in time for our balloon release to kick-off Red Ribbon Week!
We have A LOT of k-kids!!!
doing the chant...
releasing red balloons

They were thrilled!
A cool website that a friend that teaches at another school shared with me recently. Thanks, Julia Floyd!!!!! We love it. http://www.dreambox.com/teachertools

Superhero day at school.  I was Superman or as a child from another class informed me, "a superman ballerina"!!!
Pajama Day :)
We were working on math stations.

I made a big scarecrow and we wrote facts on post-it notes and added them to the scarecrow. We also labeled him and used him to label our scarecrows on our papers.
I love Venn Diagrams. They get the kids thinking. We compared and contrasted apples and pumpkins.
I am so proud of our seasonal trees. They took awhile but they turned out precious. The kids loved having their arms and hands painted!
More fall trees and our scarecrows we made.
This is such an exciting day in kindergarten! Some of our varsity football players came and read to us!!!! You could've heard a pin drop while they were reading. It was like superstars had entered our room. I love it!

What we have learned about fall...
Another pic of superhero day. This is me with a couple of my superhero friends!
We FINALLY worked this activity in! My kids did this at the Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art at Auburn University this past summer. It was so cool!All you do is put shaving cream in a flat container or lid. Add several colors of paint and swirl just a little with a finger. Lay your paper on top and press until it's on the paper. Let dry for a few minutes then scrape diagonally across the paper to remove the excess. It looks marbleized.
These are the flags we made to send to the soldiers and an extra to keep at school. We also covered the back with vegetable oil so that it was translucent.

More superhero costumes...

We were magical! We made a ghost. All we used: a balloon, baking soda, and a bottle with vinegar.

Trick-or-Treating the school

Halloween pictures we made then used the oil on the back. So cool.

How AWESOME is that!

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