Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hip Hip Hooray! It's Rainbow Day!!!!!

 I LOVE Rainbow Day!!! I decorate all the chairs with rainbows on the back. Each table has rainbow confetti everywhere. and they enter the classroom through a rainbow. It seems to start the excitement for the day as soon as they get to school. I greet each child with "Happy Rainbow Day!" They were so excited to get the day started. We do lots of activities and experiments. Here are the pics from Rainbow Day. For some reason I didn't get pics of them using the rainbow peepholes???? Below are the pictures from this fun learning day and captions above each set.

Our room...

 The door leading into our classroom.
 Finger painting our rainbows. We used the 3 primary colors and blended to show all the rainbow colors.

 We used markers to draw on a coffee filter. After we finished, we folded it a couple of times and stuck the bottom part in water and watched the colors bleed together. They thought this was cool.

 Rainbow Day isn't complete without using prisms! We experimented with them and some figured out the best way to make rainbows. We also learned that prisms are made of glass and that the sun light is actually white rays that hit the prism. The prism bends the ray and that is how we see rainbows!

 You can barely see the rainbow in this pic.

 This is a great picture!

 Finishing up our Rainbow Peephole and Prism Recording page I made several years ago. We compare to see if we see the same colors/orders, etc in both.

 Finished coffee filters

 Officer Chase came to visit our class. The kids were thrilled!!!!
 Our shapes

 We read Miss Nelson is Missing! on black day. These are the characters I created for the kids to make. Each child chose his or her favorite character from the book and made her. I then asked why they liked that particular character and wrote down the answers I received,
 Lily's Purple Plastic Purse
 Our completed Brown Bear mural in the hallway.
 We read Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. We talked about how we make the choice whether or not we will have a great day or a bad day. Each child decided to make good choices and have great days!

 The Miss Nelsons and Miss Viola Swamps in the hallway. I ran out of room so some are in our classroom too!

 Pictures of the wall with our name and art displays. I tried to hang some different things up. There are rainbows, circle collages, Big Wide-Mouthed Frogs, Big Green Monsters, Twinkle Stars, rectangles, and blueberries. I think it looks great. It really brightens it up!!!!

 A completed finger painted rainbow.
 Mrs. Ables had this book so I decided to read it and came up with this activity since I figured parents wouldn't like their child coming home covered in actual mud. The kids seemed to enjoy making their picture all "muddy".
 On purple day I like to listen to the Purple People Eater song. I came up with this activity several years ago. I love how we do this together but they all look completely different!!!

 More name cheers.

 Making rainbows using water, a mirror, and the sun. I wrote a poem so the kiddos would remember what they needed and how to do it. Each child should've had one in his/her folder.

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