Tuesday, September 10, 2013

More fun with Brown Bear and Colors & Shapes

It has been a few weeks since I last posted. Boy have we been busy! I have added LOTS of pics for you to look at. This group of kiddos is super smart! I am constantly amazed. I will add captions to the pictures so you will know what we are doing.

Sorting with Brown Bear... Each child brought something from home and we added it to our Brown Bear mural.

 Coloring our Brown Bear page from memory and then sorting skittles onto the correct colored animal.

Free exploration with unifix cubes

Name Cheers

Mystery Shape- rectangle
Building a rectangle with craft sticks

Rectangles we found in our room
Red Day
Blue Day
Name Cheers

Tracing and gluing confetti on a rectangle.

Building a rectangle out of yarn.

Finger painting blueberries for Blueberries for Sal.

Sewing rectangles.

Name Cheers

Working in our friend book

Yellow Day
Mystery Shape-square
yellow star

Making the Big Wide Mouthed Frog
Name Cheers

Green Day
Trying to solve our problem using the Scientific Method Chart I made. Our problem on green day was that we ran out of all paint except red, blue, and yellow. I thought we should just quit and not paint but they decided we could mix colors and see if we could make green. Great idea!!! Look at what we learned...

yellow + blue= green

red + yellow = orange
red + blue = purple

We added our findings to the Scientific Method Chart.
We learned how to make green so each child made a small cup of green paint and used it to paint their hands for their Go Away Big Green Monster.

Name Cheers

My favorite math game: war

Store Day: We earn money each day for good behavior. Each child either spends or saves his or her money each Friday at our class store. This helps the kids learn to save their money for things they want. Toys are $1 or $5. Teacher for a day or free choice centers cost more.

Orange Day- We forgot to take a picture so these are my car riders.
Center Time!!! Matching the Brown Bear animal to the correct color word.

Exploring colored water.

Write the Room animals and words I made.
Matching the letter to the picture.

Write the Room

Color mixing
Mystery Shape- Triangle

Our mystery shapes hanging up

10 Black Dots...

Each year I begin introducing numbers using my math and science notebook. I write the number, number word, 5 frame with dots, dice, and fingers. The kids name things we find in that number. ex: 1 nose. Please ignore my lovely artistic abilities. The kids do get a good laugh during this time! My goal is for each child to realize that the number is more than a symbol. This helps them understand that concept.
Fist Fast Math- more and less

Name Cheers

Brown Day muddy paintings

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