Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Brown Bear and the First Days of Kindergarten

Wow, what a GREAT 1st 2 days of school!!!! I am enjoying getting to know all my new kiddos. They are sweet and loving. I have gotten so many hugs yesterday and today and I absolutely LOVE it. We have started school, as always, with Brown Bear. I love this story because it is repetitive and the kids can say it with me as I read. I like all the colors and how some make sense and some don't. We like to giggle about a blue horse or a purple cat. We also listen to the song on the Greg and Steve CD. I introduce just about everything with this one book. We have colored, glued, and painted. Tomorrow we will cut and sort and then use markers. It all goes along with the book. I will post pics of the kids from Meet and Greet, the 1st day of school and today. I will add some captions so you will know what the pictures are.

Meet and Greet:

 Our 1st day of Kindergarten!!!

 Singing and dancing on the rug...
 We learned how to use a paintbrush. Each child was given a paintbrush, a cup of water, and a piece of black construction paper. We talked about how to brush carefully up and down instead of around and around. They did a great job practicing!

 Now, on to the real thing! The practice helped tons! They did fabulous on their mural. We painted in the order of Brown Bear. We listened to Brown Bear by Greg and Steve to determine where each color should be.

 Ms Nadell helped out too!

 Look how great they did!
Tomorrow each child will bring a toy from home that is a certain color. We will learn how to group items into color families. Each child will place his/her item on the correct color on the mural. I can't wait to see what the rest of the week has in store for us!

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