Sunday, January 13, 2013

Winter, Penguins, and Ice Cream!!!!

We have been working really hard since we came back from Christmas vacation. We have been learning about winter, animals in winter, Polar animals, snowflakes, subtraction... I guess you get the picture. We are super busy. I have added pics showing some of the ways we have been having fun and learning. Below are pics of us ice skating around the room. We do this every year and it is always a favorite. 

Working on our Venn Diagrams...
Below is our finished group Venn Diagram.
We read the book, "All You Need for a Snowman". We made a list of everything one would need to make a good snowman. After we finished each table group received a bag of supplies and had to decide who would be the snowman. I got this idea from Suzan Estes. I'm not sure if it was her idea or if she found it somewhere. All I know is it is a lot of fun.

Our winners. They were the first group to finish.

A melted snowman as my kiddos explained. I must admit, there was a TON of toilet paper that was going to be thrown away so I did what any teacher would do.... I picked up a wad and started a snowball fight with my kids. Needless to say, they didn't go after one another. They all came for me!

What does water proof mean? We learned that penguins have a special oil on their feathers that helps them to be water proof.Well  since we didn't have a pengiun to check out, we used vaseline on our hand to see what would happen to the water. We thought it was pretty neat that the water just bubbled up on our hands.

Another way penguins stay warm is by huddling. We tried it to see if it really works. Well, the middle warmed up really quickly.

Last, but not least, penguins and a lot of other Polar animals have blubber to help keep them warm. We put our hand in ice water. Boy was it cold! Then we put our other hand in a bag of crisco. We really couldn't feel the water. We learned that if we had to live in Antarctica, we would want to have lots of blubber.

Our most favorite math activity so far! Each child was given a Polar Bear Pie- chocolate and vanilla ice cream bar. Their job was to estimate how many bites it would take to eat it. Each child recorded his or her estimate and then worked hard eating and tallying each bite taken. We talked about good guesses and not so good estimates. I think everyone enjoyed this activity. 
He really enjoyed this activity.

Working hard...

Super happy!!!!

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