Wednesday, April 23, 2014

We Are 100 Days Smarter!!!!

Below are pictures of some winter activities and the 100th and 101st days of school.

Making and writing about penguins

 Measuring to see how many kids tall a female polar bear would be.
 These pictures show how long a humpback whale is.

 Hibernation: We learned that there are two types of hibernation- true hibernation- where the animal goes to sleep and sleeps the entire winter, and hibernation where the animal wakes up throughout the winter to eat. This picture shows us as true hibernators. I jumped and acted crazy and they continued to sleep like bats and woodchucks.
 This time they were bears. When I walked into their cave talking, they woke up and were very angry!!!

 Migration- We learned about animals and insects that migrate for the winter. We decided to try migrating for ourselves. We flew from our classroom to the other side of the building and back!!! It was exhausting! I hate to admit it, but my arms were sore the next day. :(

 After migrating, the kiddos recording their thoughts about migration in their math and science notebooks.  Her response was that she "flies bad". 
 He thought it was fun flapping like birds.
 The 100th Day of School!!!!!  This is our 100 snack.

 We had 100 balloons on the rug. I set a timer to see how long it took them to pop all the balloons. It took 10 kids 5:59 to pop 100 balloons.

 popping the balloons...

Love all the smiles!

 What can we build with 100 cups? This was such a hit that they are still in our block center!!!

 Our pictures of what we will look like when we are 100 years old.

 The 101st Day of School:

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