Saturday, October 1, 2011

Lots of learning in our class!

I have added the rest of our name cheer pictures and our Grandparents' Day pictures. We have accomplished soooo much this year!! We learned about colors and shapes the first 3 weeks of school. We also started our letter introduction the first "real" week of school. We celebrated the end of our letter introduction with  a unit on Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. It is so much fun. We talk about our names and letters in our names. We also have an ABC Party on Friday. I think this is my most favorite activity I learned from Mrs. Estes and Mrs. Scott. The kids get to pop balloons filled with letters then decorate the letters they get with items that begin with that letter. We also have a special snack. They get decorated cookies shaped like letters. Our Chicka Chicka Shake Shake bottles are also a HUGE hit. They had a blast making them and enjoyed singing "Who let the letters out?" by: Dr. Jean. Our first letter of the week was "m". We talked about "me". We talked about our eyes, hair, family, teeth, etc. The kids also learned about graphing. We read about and completed bar graphs and pie graphs. This past week's letter was "t". We talk about teddy bears with t. Each child brought a teddy bear from home and we did out teddy bear exploration books. Another project we completed was a story map/mural from the book: Bears in the Night. We talked about positional words and story comprehension. This activity took a couple of days, but was well worth it. I will upload those pictures soon. Next week begin our fall unit and will begin with apples. We will be making apple cider and homemade apple sauce. We will also explore apples and graph our favorite type. There are so many fun learning activities to do with the fall unit! I will try to post again this upcoming week and add more pictures.

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